teenageslayer derped: wh-wh-why aren't you d-derping? :O

beings from another world kidnapped christine and made them her pizza delivery girl and now she’s enslaved on another planet it’s up to julia and amanda to create a wormhole (the laws of physics do not say no!) so we can save christine and SAVE THIS BLOG

Anonymous derped: how do you edit your pictures so the colors are so nice



[nah, we use photoshop to color them.]

wildflour derped: Anonymous derped: Why was Daniel so derpy in the first movie?

It's because Daniel has blue eyes, but Harry is supposed to have green eyes like his mum. They tried to have Daniel wear green colored contacts, but they bothered his eyes. Hence, all the ridiculous eye derps in the first movie :)

I don’t think it’s because of the contacts. I think Dan just naturally blinks with one eye. If you look closely at some caps, his eyes are blue and he’s still derping~